SBS presented the Smart&Ladies line at the Hotel VIU in Milan: special guest Cecilia Rodriguez


Refined femininity, technology, innovation and elegance in a glamorous event that was captivating and full of surprises.

On 13th June, our company presented the Smart&Ladies line at the Hotel VIU Milan, accessories designed for women that perfectly combine style and innovation. An enchanting glimpse of Milan at sunset provided the perfect backdrop for this event, which took place at 6:30pm. In front of around forty journalists, influencer and blogger Cecilia Rodriguez, a special guest as well as an exceptional patron, and Marco Visconti, Marketing Director, presented this elegant line of earphones, powerbanks, cables and covers reinterpreted from a purely feminine point of view.

Marco and Cecilia formed a duo able to highlight the functionality of these accessories, ideal for tackling small daily needs and to display at the coolest occasions, where a woman is called on to show off her innate charm. The media impact was immediate: many followers followed the broadcast on social media, reflecting the growing interest in this collection. An intriguing user experience that reflects the constantly changing needs of women.

Smart&Ladies isn’t just a collection, but a mirror of the times: the charm of the modern woman projected onto the future.