At the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona from 25th to 28th February, SBS will present the professional FAST GLASS Application service.


In this way, our company is able to meet the requirements of our clients not only by offering a highly resistant glass screen, but also by providing a service to help the user to fix the product onto the screen perfectly.

A device is available in-store that enables the protective glass to be applied precisely within minutes.

These protectors are available for a very wide range of devices and can adapt to any type of display. It is also possible to choose glass with various levels of resistance: Standard Glass, Full Cover and 4D Edge to Edge. We therefore supply the perfect cover for mobile phones, from models with flat displays to smartphones with a curved screen.

Resistant to impact and scratches while almost invisible to the eye, they guarantee remarkable touch sensitivity thanks to their ultra-slim design.

FAST GLASS Application stands for precision, speed and trustworthiness at the service of the client.